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Private Karaoke Rooms

This is our unique show stopper for your party as gone are the days of just sitting down for another standard meal! Now you can add in a little fun with our private karaoke rooms. Private and totally soundproof; just for you and your party to have some fun and do something different for a change!

How our bookings work…
You can book our epic ‘No Tell Motel’ private karaoke rooms with the choice to upgrade your booking to include dinner before or after your karaoke, or you can simply keep it as Karaoke only – it’s totes up to you.

Room Sizes & Costs…
 Parkwood has two small rooms & one large room on a private mezzanine level, while Cedar has two large rooms with a private entrance.  The small rooms can accommodate up to 10 people each and the large rooms can accommodate up to 15 people each. 

For even larger parties #PopularYou, we can hire out multiple rooms and/or multiple hours to make sure everyone gets some sing time and space to #ShakeIt!

R800 per small room per hour
R1,000 per large room per hour

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At check in you get the allocated time you paid for in the room on a countdown system (plus 5 mins or so for us to run through how to use it). 

In the room, there is…

  • Aircon
  • Super Speakers
  • TV for lyrics
  • A tablet to choose the songs
  • 2 wireless professional microphones
  • A Room Service call button
  • Volume Controller
  • Booth Seating and small table space to put drinks
  • Free Wi-Fi

YEBO! But as a warning they are VERY popular and we only have 2 in Cedar and 3 in Parkwood so book in advance to avoid disappointment!

YEBO, we’ll just charge you on the day for the extra time! But as a warning they are VERY popular and we only have 2 in Cedar and 3 in Parkwood so if they’re already booked out we can’t extend on the day.

You pay per room per hour so as long as you don’t go over the max capacity of the room it’s all the same to us!

If you have gone over the max capacity of the room then you will either have to upgrade to a larger/multiple rooms OR take turns! As the equipment is very expensive we can’t go over the max capacities. Thanks for understanding!

Small Room have a max of 10 guests while Large Rooms have a max of 15 guests. 

Drinks – Yes! There is even a room service call button to let your waiter know you want to order….

Food – No! There is lots of velvet (for sound proofing) and expensive AV equipment so we only offer food in the restaurant before/after your karaoke session!

No! When you get ‘checked in’ to your room, the managers will show you how to search and use the system. There is over 80k+ international songs to choose from!

If it went international (like Goldfish) then yes! Otherwise unfortunately the system is from Europe so it is prominently in English and won’t have local artists/languages. Randomly – it does have some Russian, Italian, french, Korean and Chinese songs though! 

EEEK! Run run run as it may cut into your singing time if we can’t hold the room due to other bookings. However we ALWAYS do our best to accommodate this real world problem!

Remember to give us 72 hours notice for cancellation. Tables are only held for 15 mins so don’t be late as late arrival eats into your booking (AKA singing) time!  Payments made will be put towards the bill on the night.

You will be asked to complete an indemnity form, not completing this will result in cancellation and forfeit of payment.

View all boring T&Cs here, as going ahead with a booking is an automatic agreement to our policies.

Online orders open Tuesday-Sunday at 11:30 - 18:30

So Tell me what you want,
what you really really want!


We’ve sent our team an email with all the details. They will now check the availability and get back to you within the hour (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).

If your a night owl or it’s urgent then whats app us now or call to get sorted!

Parkwood: 0113276596 | Cedar: 0100012755